Let’s be honest, it seems like everyone has their own brand of paint protection these days and they’re all trying to duplicate the forerunner in the industry.  Don’t be fooled though as most of these imitators leave a lot to be desired.

There is no substitute for XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film. Composed of a blend of advanced elastomeric polymers, XPEL Ultimate Plus is a crystal-clear protection film that is resistant to discoloration from environmental contaminants and ultraviolet exposure, but also has innovative technology that allows it to heal itself from fine scratches and swirl marks that occur from daily driving and routine washing.

Some of the worst damage to your vehicle’s paint comes from environmental contaminants, such as road tar, sap, bird droppings and insect splatter, but the super-slick surface of XPEL Ultimate Plus allows these sticky, hardened contaminants to wipe off cleanly and easily, saving your clear coat from corrosive damage.  Over time, this protection will not only keep your car looking its best but it will also preserve value.

Even with these properties, however, XPEL Ultimate Plus is only as good as its installation. There is nobody else in the area with anything close to our 23 years of experience installing paint protection on vehicles. As we like to say “we started at the beginning”.  More than likely anyone else you speak to would have gotten their start as an installer with us. Be sure to ask the right questions of the shop you choose and the installer who will be working on your vehicle. We’re always happy to guide folks through the process, even if it means that another shop might be a better fit for you.

XPEL Ultimate Plus comes with a 10-year warranty against discoloration, peeling, cracking, hazing and yellowing, so if it displays any signs of wear in that time, we’ll replace it.

Please send us an email or simply give a call and we’re happy to discuss options with you.

As our shop motto goes:

Our reputation is only as good as the last vehicle to back out of the shop