Window Film

XPEL PRIME XR and XR Plus are two of the most effective window films on the market, built to withstand and protect for the lifetime of your vehicle. Conventional window films try to multitask and provide heat and sun protection, but they rarely do both well. XPEL PRIME XR and XR Plus are different, however, providing you with the superior heat and ultraviolet protection of a window film along with a crystal-clear finish that won’t impact your visibility. The patented nano-ceramic particle design is guaranteed to block 99 percent of ultraviolet light and over 80 percent of heat and infrared radiation, all without the metallic elements that can disrupt cellphone, Bluetooth and radio transmissions within your vehicle.

If you’re considering XPEL window films for your vehicle, we can help. All of our window tint film installations are custom cut & installed in-house for a streak-free, bubble-less finish & perfect fit! We’d love to have a conversation about our superior XPEL line of window films and discuss the type that’s best suited for your vehicle’s needs.