XPEL Stealth is the perfect solution for protecting a factory matte paint finish or to transform any gloss finish into a softer satin look.  Unlike other matte finish paint protection films on the market XPEL Stealth has very little reflectivity or sparkle and provides a uniform finish even if you’re only covering part of a vehicle with factory matte paint.  XPEL Stealth provides both the appearance and protection you’re looking for unlike vinyl or plasti-dip.

If you want to protect your factory matte finish, XPEL Stealth is the answer. Like XPEL Ultimate, XPEL Stealth uses the same innovative protection and self-healing features to provide a seamless, high-level of protection from insects, bird droppings, road debris and other industrial/environmental contaminants that can compromise your vehicle’s finish. It also allows you to wash and dry your car without the concern of damaging the paint.

Like a factory matte finish, XPEL Stealth disappears after installation, so all you see is the satin finish. There’s no delineation between some of the complex surfaces and the smooth top surfaces of your vehicle, so it looks no different than your factory paint.

If you prefer the satin look over your vehicle’s conventional gloss clear coat, XPEL Stealth can quickly and safely convert your vehicle’s finish to a smooth, matte look, with no expensive custom paint involved all while protecting your vehicles factory finish.

If you’re considering XPEL Stealth paint protection film for your vehicle, we can help. Our factory-trained installation team has been in the protective film industry since its earliest development with vehicles, so you can trust that we’ve seen the difference XPEL protective films can make.